“Our philosophy is a search for Quality; our Quality, which - we are well aware – might not coincide with other people‘s concept of Quality. We like the idea that our choices are as Unique as you are”

Who We Are

“Wheher you’re a beginner or an aficionado, having a bottle of Samaroli in your hand will almost certainly open your senses, mind and spirit.” Since 1968. One of the earliest whisky independent bottlers and the first Non-English & Non-Scottish whisky brand of its time. True to our Italian roots, unorthodox and unconventional flair guides us in our ceaseless pursuit to perfection. We enjoy breaking down walls and celebrating the fulfillment of seeing what’s beyond them. When you have a dram of Samaroli, savor and enjoy something unlike any product of large commercial operation. Although a bottle of Samaroli may share your favourite whisky distillery’s name, you will be surprised. For it will be familiar but different; it will bring your senses alive with amusement and wonder; it will be full of character, opinionated and often quirky – but never boring! Whether you’re a beginner or an aficionado, having a bottle of Samaroli in your hand will almost certainly open your senses, mind and spirit. We like this idea that our choices are unique as you are, and quality is not perfect. Perfectly imperfect perhaps.


We are on a mission; a mission to find perfection in quality for all things spirits. We do what we do with much opinions, risk-taking and questions, but in typical Italian fashion all these are embraced, challenged and then celebrated. Along this path, we’ve come to realise that differences and uniqueness in fact bring about perfection in quality. And perfect quality at its pinnacle is as unique as you and I and they are. The products we tirelessly search, taste and bottle, are almost always different and individual in character. As such, every Samaroli bottle should almost always be tasted with a bit of excitement and surprise; like a kid in a candy store. Prepare yourselves for a tasting adventure where quality is reinterpreted and perhaps continually challenged; as no one is better than the other. But reflecting in its entirety, the sum of all these perfectly imperfect bottles add into a collection of uniquely perfect spirits – not alcohol.


Just as in the wine world there exists the standard glass for tasting and other particular glasses for the most famous wines, we feel that our spirits need a specific glass to get the full spectrum of scents and flavours avoiding to lose something. Samaroli is looking for the best quality in everything we do. Obviously the spirits characteristics can be influenced by the glass used to taste them.

Then, the project starts with collaborating with world-class glass designers to refine our concept resulting in the birth of our glass since June 2011.Its purposes: to avoid any enrichment of scents; as our products are very rich, so they need the right width to naturally display their perfumes without any concentration from the glass.Introducing an “internal step” as a facilitator helps break the alcohol molecules to make possible the perception of otherwise hidden details. In our evaluation, it also possesses a very beautiful shape. Enjoy your drink!