SAMAROLI 2006 JAMAICA ed. 2020

SAMAROLI 2006 JAMAICA ed. 2020

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High grade, high turns, balance in living at full speed. The Rum Rock of 2020

The years of adolescence are perhaps the years that we most regret, the moment we cross the bridge that leads us to the real world, to competitive and increasingly stressful life.

It's usually the moment when you discover Rock: its myths, the Gods of the modern age. You always listen to them, you get ready for the summer and for the beach...

That's what this rum reminds us of. A barely 14-year-old boy in the middle of a hormonal storm. In his mind, he doesn't dream, but he starts building his dreams...

His nose twitches, touches and leaves. It's a bit of a chase after the perfumes, identifying them using imagination, heart and fantasy. And then here's almond, marzipan, sesame and Mediterranean spices.

On the palate tones of yeast, vanilla and freshly broken pistachio. Sunny, radiant, it floods our palate with its imperfections, which break our taste buds with the help of the highest degree, leaving us astonished, exclaiming "is it over already? Yeah, like adolescence, by the way...

I love teenagers because everything they do is for the first time.

Jim Morrison